Create your own diagrams in a vector format.



Are you tired of having to use complicated and expensive tools to make your own graphics and diagrams. We would like to present to you a very simple solution.

Diagram Designer offers the most simple way to create any kinds of diagrams and presentations in vector graphics for all of your professional projects.

This program comes with pre-designed graphics that includes all types of squares, circles and arrows. Also the format of the graphics you make can be personalized and also comes with the option of joining the graphics with the arrows as if they were one whole element.

Diagram Designer allows you to import files in JPG, ICO, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, format and also incorporates separate templates with symbols and objects. It also comes with a plotter for mathematical equations and square roots.

If to all this we add the fact that this is a totally free application, we find an option that is very recommendable to create graphics and diagrams in vector.
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